Why Umpire?

There are many different reasons that people take up umpiring, and for many, it becomes a lifelong passion.

Some start umpiring as teenagers looking for a weekend job, some as a retirement hobby, and others as players who've suffered one too many sets of bruised ribs. But they all have one thing in common - a love of the game.

There are many advantages to umpiring, including:
  • Generous (Tax Free) match payments
  • A strong club/community spirit amongst umpires (often described as being like a football club)
  • Being involved in Aussie Rules Football
  • High level of fitness and skills coaching, and a national accreditation scheme
  • Making new friends and contacts
For those who want to take their umpiring to the next level, there are well established pathways to ensure umpires can achieve their full potential.

Field, Boundary and Goal umpires of all ages and experience are always in high demand! 

Why umpire at the VAFA?

The VAFA was formed in 1892, and as a long, rich tradition of high quality amateur football. 

 The VAFA Umpires Association (VAFAUA) consists of the nearly 300 umpires who officiate matches in the VAFA. 

 The VAFAUA and VAFA work closely to provide an excellent environment for umpires to enjoy their sport - be it as a weekend hobby, or with aspirations of umpiring in the AFL. The VAFA appreciates the important role umpires play in the game of football, and have put in place many initiatives to ensure that umpires are treated with respect. The VAFA maintains a zero tolerance policy towards umpire abuse, and has a no alcohol policy at games. The work of the VAFA has created an environment where umpires are treated well, and are welcomed by clubs, including to after-match functions.

The VAFA/VAFAUA provide high quality skills and fitness training according to the level and aspirations of the umpire concerned. Training and coaching sessions are conducted on Monday and Wednesday nights at the home rooms at Elsternwick Park, Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick, with additional venues in Melbourne's West.

The VAFAUA consists of umpires from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and we are proud to have female umpires in all three disciplines in the highest grades. Umpires range from 13 to 80+, and past players are keenly encouraged to give umpiring a go! In season 2017 we commenced officiating matches in the VAFA Women's competition, and this competition is continuing to grow.

The community aspect of umpiring is of paramount importance to the VAFAUA, and the association runs social events throughout the year. We also give back to the community, with umpires volunteering their time to officiate FIDA/National Inclusion Carnival matches. FIDA is a volunteer organisation bringing football to those with an intellectual disability. We also conduct an annual blood drive. 

The VAFAUA is proud to be a GoodSports club, and a signatory to the Responsible Gambling Foundation 'Love the Game' charter.

If you'd like to find out more about umpiring in the VAFA, please contact: 

Haydn O'Connor
Umpire Operations Manager:
PH: 0427 333 729
E: haydn@vafa.com.au

If you'd like to find out more about the VAFAUA, including our community engagement, please contact: 

Owen Hinson 
VAFAUA President
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